Real + riveting stories of startup life from Hawaii’s Startup Paradise and around the globe

Ever wonder how a startup actually got its start, how a founder beat the odds, or what “It” factors venture capitalists look for? The Startup Catalyst® brings you the real stories behind founders and investors as they trace their personal journeys through the ever-changing yet always exciting world of startups.

Featuring interviews with industry champions like Kathryn Finney (Founder & Managing Director, digitalundivided) and Samson Williams (Co-Founder, Axes and Eggs), The Startup Catalyst shares the colorful, can’t-miss lessons they’ve learned as innovators in Hawaii’s Startup Paradise and beyond. Join us as we sit down with a rotating lineup of guests and dive into inspiring stories of startup life. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or have dreams of becoming one, learn firsthand about the ingredients that catalyze startup success, failure, and everything in between.


Season 2

Episode 1: Kathryn Finney, Founder and Managing Director at digitalundivided (DID)

EPISODE 1: KATHRYN FINNEY, FOUNDER / MANAGING DIRECTOR AT DIGITALUNDIVIDED (DID) Kathryn talks about her personal journey, the challenges facing black women of color in tech, and the future of digitalundivided. The Startup Catalyst® Podcast is back! Sultan Ventures is...

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Episode 2: Brittney Riley, Former VP of U.S. Ventures at Village Capital

EPISODE 2: BRITTNEY RILEY, FORMER VP OF U.S. VENTURES AT VILLAGE CAPITAL Brittney talks about her days as an entrepreneur, the challenges she faced as a young female investor, and her future plans.   In today’s episode, we’ll hear from...

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Episode 3: Samson Williams, Co-founder and Partner at Axes and Eggs

EPISODE 3: SAMSON WILLIAMS, CO-FOUNDER AT AXES AND EGGS Samson talks about growing up in Texas, overcoming the industry's racial and gender gaps, and the future of blockchain technology.   Today’s guest is Samson Williams. A partner and co-founder at...

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Episode 4: Kirstie Chadwick, President & CEO of InBIA

EPISODE 4: KIRSTIE CHADWICK, PRESIDENT & CEO of InBIA Kirstie talks about being a tech entrepreneur during the dot com boom, facing adversity head-on, and how she's changing the future of innovation and entrepreneurship.   Somebody has to tell entrepreneurs...

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Episode 5: Julie Lenzer, Co-Director of UM Ventures

EPISODE 5: JULIE LENZER, CO-DIRECTOR OF UM VENTURES Julie discusses her roles as an innovator & entrepreneur, how she embraces failure, and using the power of influence to empower women and minorities.   Today's guest is Julie Lenzer, Co-director of...

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Episode 6: Aaron Walker, Founder & CEO of Camelback Ventures

EPISODE 6: AARON WALKER, FOUNDER & CEO OF CAMELBACK VENTURES Aaron discusses what led him down his path to investing, the importance of education, and his vision & drive that propels Camelback Ventures forward.   Today, we’ll hear from Aaron...

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Episode 7: Maureen Murat, Founder of Crowdie Advisors

EPISODE 7: MAUREEN MURAT, FOUNDER OF CROWDIE ADVISORS From law to entrepreneurship, Maureen tells us about her work with blockchain technology and the importance of diversity and inclusion.   Today, we’ll hear from Maureen Murat, Founder & Chief Advisor of...

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Episode 8: Donavan Kealoha, Director at Startup Capital Ventures

EPISODE 8: DONAVAN KEALOHA, DIRECTOR AT STARTUP CAPITAL VENTURES From pineapple picking to venture capital, Donavan shares his story of overcoming obstacles and embracing the positive.   On today’s podcast, we’ll hear from Donavan Kealoha, a Director at Startup Capital...

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Episode 9: Rodney Sampson, Founder of Opportunity Hub

EPISODE 9: RODNEY SAMPSON, FOUNDER OF OPPORTUNITY HUB From Martin Luther King Jr. to Investing, Rodney Sampson is building a better future for his community.   Today’s guest is Rodney Sampson, a Brookings Fellow & the Founder of Opportunity Hub....

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Episode 10: Olin Lagon, Founder of Shifted Energy

EPISODE 10: OLIN LAGON, FOUNDER OF SHIFTED ENERGY From KPT to Entrepreneurship, Olin is embracing his roots and making a difference.   Today’s guest is Olin Lagon, Founder of Shifted Energy. From growing up in one of Hawaii's most notorious...

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Episode 11: Elizabeth Gore, President of Alice

EPISODE 11: ELIZABETH GORE, PRESIDENT OF ALICE From Cattle Ranches to Artificial Intelligence, Elizabeth breaks the mould.   Joining us today is Elizabeth Gore, Founder & President of Alice. She’s a pioneer in more ways than one, and is our...

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Episode 12: Lisa Kleissner, Founder of The KL Felicitas Foundation

EPISODE 12: LISA KLEISSNER, FOUNDER OF THE KL FELICITAS FOUNDATION From Silicon Valley to impact investing, Lisa stays true to her values.   Joining us today on the Season 2 finale is Lisa Kleissner, co-founder of The Toniic Institute, KL...

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