HAWAII: Startup Success Stories from Paradise

Over the past 5 years, more than 150 startups have gone through Hawaii-based accelerator programs, generating over $250 million in revenue and funding, with numerous successful exits. Yet the majority of startup attention remains focused on the East Coast and San Francisco Bay Area. We hope to change that.

In our pilot season, we shine the spotlight on Hawaii’s extraordinary entrepreneurs, investors, and advocates that are shaping Startup Paradise. Showcasing the amazing talent and innovation in Hawaii and beyond, we’ll hear from guests like Lanai Tabura (Cooking Hawaiian Style) and Peter Rowan (former corporate VP, Coinstar) as they share the ingredients that catalyzed their entrepreneurial and investing success.

Join guest host Luke Tucker as he kicks off insightful and fun interviews broadcast from Honolulu, Hawaii.


                                       Season 1

Episode 16: Troy Ruediger, Founder at Starters.Co.

EPISODE 16: TROY RUEDIGER Troy discusses his entrepreneurial background, building community, and product development Troy Ruediger has been an early startup employee, repeat founder, and straight up hustler. In his first company he worked at Rukkus, he did everything from Flying

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Episode 14: Evan Leong, Entrepreneur & Investor

EPISODE 14: EVAN LEONG Evan stops by to provide insight into starting multiple companies while still balancing his family life Serial Entrepreneur, Evan Leong shares his experiences about being an entrepreneur from a young age, the power of networking, figuring

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Episode 04: Rechung Fujihira, CEO Box Jelly

EPISODE 04: RECHUNG FUJIHIRA How he started Box Jelly: Hawaii’s first co-working space, tips on building community, and why he gives back Rechung Fujihira is Co-Founder and CEO of Box Jelly, Hawaii’s first co-working space. He was also Co-Founder of

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Sultan Ventures- Photo of Meli James

Episode 02: Meli James, President of HVCA

EPISODE 02: MELI JAMES, PRESIDENT OF HVCA Meli discusses her experiences going from Cornell to startups in San Francisco and her work in Hawaii’s Startup Paradise. Hawaii native and Silicon Valley veteran, Meli James, discusses her experiences going from Cornell

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