We Offer a Range of Services For Both Entrepreneurs and Investors

Invest in Ideas


We are with you every step of the way

We work closely with investors and entrepreneurs alike, providing due diligence, deal sourcing, and business planning among our many areas of expertise.

Invest in Startups


Our passion is building amazing and innovative companies and technologies

We are sector agnostic and have worked with startups in areas such as biotech, educational tech, life science, engineering, mobile apps, crowdfunding, IT web plays, fitness, and even non profits. With our help, our startups have raised over $15 Million.

Investors Invest


We take a long-term investment approach with our early stage startups

We focus on investing our own sweat equity and financial backing into each of our portfolio companies.
This approach realizes a two-fold return: 
 First, we believe that by investing sweat equity alongside entrepreneurs, we spur innovation and build entities primed for investment. Secondly, by building an educational foundation for our early stage startups, we can improve our ecosystem as well as the long term value of our equity stake.

We believe in supporting startups by offering flexible investment structures, allowing the company to grow while being capital efficient.

We Invest in Education


We believe that an educational foundation improves the long term value of our current and future investments.

Education is a primary driver of a thriving ecosystem. We believe that the “rising tide raises all ships” and with the right knowledge and support, startups can successfully build up a business. We place a heavy emphasis upon personal and collective education within our own team and with our startups. We pride ourselves on investing significant resources to promote proven best practices, focusing on technical and leadership development, as well as implementing the fundamental Lean Startup methodology


Calling Entrepreneurs + VC’s

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