Maticy helps patients complete their follow-up visits from the comfort of their homes so hospitals and clinics can improve the quality of value-based care and save millions of dollars in readmission costs.


Swipewrap brings the same fun, personal experience of in-person wrapped gifts into the digital world by providing a web plugin for eCommerce platforms that enhances the delivery experience of digital gifts including digital gift cards, event tickets, and travel bookings with personalized virtual gift boxes which users can unwrap on their smartphones before revealing the…Read More


RendezView is the collaboration platform for distributed teams, reducing disorganization and overcoming the limitations of current tools by proving collaborative desktops that integrate your collaboration into a single platform saving time and tracking not only the communications but the full collaboration history of your teams.


The idea for Herbavore LLC. was created  years ago on the sunny slopes of Maui, Hawaii. After spending hours on end operating various horticultural (gardening/ growing) hand tools and experiencing discomfort during use, we searched for a solution to our problem. We were finished dealing with the dreaded aches and pains not to mention blisters and calluses associated with gardening…Read More