Upside Fund

In addition to managing the XLR8UH accelerator program, Sultan Ventures also manages the Upside Fund, which focuses on investing in startups utilizing intellectual property from the Universtiy of Hawaii.

Ulupono Initiative

The Ulupono Initiative is a Hawaii-focused impact investing firm that uses for-profit, non-profit, and social investments to improve the quality of life for island residents in three areas: locally produced food; clean, renewable energy; and waste reduction.

Startup Capital Ventures

Startup Capital Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, California with offices in Honolulu, Hawai’i. SCV invests in early-stage, capital efficient B2B technology companies with proof of first revenue. In their perspective, capital efficient means companies that require relatively small amounts of capital to achieve success. Thier initial investment ranges…Read More

Hawaii Angels

The Hawaii Angels were founded, in 2002, by Robert Robinson Ph.D., a former Harvard Business School professor and a nationally recognized expert on angel investing. Through his leadership, the Hawaii Angels network has become a highly successful and well-recognized angel investment group in the Honolulu business community. Since inception, the members of the Hawaii Angels…Read More

Reef Capital Ventures

Reef Capital Ventures is a venture capital firm investing capital and infusing expertise to bring Hawaii’s grant-funded R&D innovations to commercial markets.

Sultan Ventures

Sultan Ventures is a venture firm helping visionary founders build successful, long-lasting businesses by supporting them at every stage of their journey. This means we’re engaged from┬áthe initial idea to long-term success. We provide pivotal resources via our network of experts and investors while providing the hands-on expertise necessary to accelerate growth.