Episode 26: Luke Tucker, Director at HackerOne


Director at HackerOne

Today we’ll be flipping the script and guest host Tarik Sultan will be interviewing Luke in our Season 1 Finale of The Startup Catalyst Podcast.

Luke has a decade of experience working with small businesses and startups with a career ranging from commercial banking, mobile app development, as well as marketing and operations.

We’ll hear all about his work ranging from his journey from HPU to Central Pacific Bank and how he made the leap from the corporate world to entrepreneurship where Luke and I first met. Since then, Luke has gone on to Found companies including Ritify, a Blue Startups portfolio company mentored by Henk Rogers of Tetris fame and Aloha Squared, a boutique fashion outlet creating made in Hawaii pocket squares.

We talk about his path in launching these ventures, his time here at Sultan Ventures as our Venture Associate and first company hire, his involvement in the launch of our award-winning accelerator program XLR8UH as both a Program Manager and Entrepreneur in Residence, his multiple efforts giving back to the community while still maintaining a work-life balance, and finally what may be breaking news to the community, how he is adding some new titles to his resume.

Check out the latest and greatest in Luke’s life in this Season’s Finale of the Startup Catalyst Podcast – including breaking news, as he is adding some new titles to his repertoire!


3:15 Luke’s gonna be a dad

5:45 Growing up in Jamaica and Traveling.

7:15 Moving to Hawaii

8:31 Attending Hawaii Pacific University

14:41 Working at Central Pacific Bank

16:39 Foundations of Evaluating businesses

19:49 Fighting Fires at the Bank

22:30 Silicon Valley Mafia: Transitioning into Entrepreneurship

23:14 Luke wrote his own job description

24:29 Getting the Startup Bug

27:00 Startup Weekend as Steve Jobs

31:37 Fit Foundry and Blue Startups

36:40 Talk Story

41:40 Sultan Venture’s First Hire

43:25 Launch of XLR8UH

51:45 Founding Aloha Squared

58:20 Introduction to Captricity

1:02:40 Joining HackerOne

1:07:50 Rapid Fire Q&A

1:12:45 Favorite Sultan Brother