Episode 25: Ross Baird, Founder and CEO at Village Capital


Founder and CEO at Village Capital

Today’s episode we welcome Ross Baird, Founder and CEO at Village Capital.

One of the most amazing stories, I think, in venture these days is the Vilcap Story.

You’re going to hear some things not available anywhere else as Ross goes through some awesome stories. Including, a dinner party in Rome with some famous actors. Stick around for that, you don’t want to miss that story!

A few nuggets in the show: the maximum 3-digit Fibonacci sequence number (bet you can’t guess the number right now), the thesis of leveraging the collective knowledge, what are “2 pocket thinkers”, and what’s next for Vilcap!

So much good stuff.

So guys, enjoy your commute to the office or quick gym session while you listen, but make sure you remember to take some notes from this awesome conversation with Vilcap Founder Ross Baird.


1:56 How Ross got into Venture Capital

4:55 Largest three digit number in Fibonacci sequence

5:40 Where investment capital goes

7:10 Village Bank and how that led to idea for Village Capital

8:18 First investment

9:00 Problems he wants to solve

11:25 Peer Review is important for places like Hawaii

12:15 The amazing FeelGoodz Story

16:55 Ross dives into why entrepreneurship is so important and giving back is paramount

17:55 Value of all the charities in the world vs all the business enterprise value… lesson, it’s not even close

19:10 Zoolander cast dinner parter in Rome, Italy

19:30 Ambassador’s House

22:20 Pitched by Billy Zane

23:10 Whats next for Village Capital?