Episode 9: Rodney Sampson, Founder of Opportunity Hub

Photo of Rodney Sampson: Inclusivity Advocate, Investor, and Founder of Opportunity Hub.


From Martin Luther King Jr. to Investing, Rodney Sampson is building a better future for his community.


Today’s guest is Rodney Sampson, a Brookings Fellow & the Founder of Opportunity Hub.

From Atlanta to Washington DC, Rodney has been forging his own path for as long as he can remember. A lifelong problem solver, entrepreneur, and thought leader, Rodney has dedicated his life’s work to giving back to the citizens of Atlanta, elevating the black community in America, and shifting the landscape when it comes to tech, entrepreneurship, and investing. He’s not just the CEO of OHUB, he’s also the founder of Techsquare labs, a Fellow at the Brookings Institute in Washington DC, and a proud husband and father. In this episode, we’ll hear what inspired Rodney along the way, and what he believes is the key to closing the gap and increasing inclusivity across the venture capital industry.