Episode 1: Kathryn Finney, Founder and Managing Director at digitalundivided (DID)


Kathryn talks about her personal journey, the challenges facing black women of color in tech, and the future of digitalundivided.

The Startup Catalyst® Podcast is back! Sultan Ventures is launching Season 2 with an important and timely theme: inclusivity in the startup and venture capital community. We’re kicking things off with one of the most influential women in entrepreneurship and tech: Kathryn Finney, founder of digitalundivided.

Kathryn has been a changemaker in the industry for nearly two decades  via her roles as a tech entrepreneur, social media innovator, and investor.

In today’s episode, we’ll hear how she got her start in entrepreneurship at a young age,  from her lucrative friendship bracelet business in elementary school, to cornering the hair-braiding market at Yale, and her pioneering fashion blog in the early days of the internet. Kathryn risked her career and personal finances to create digitalundivided (DID), an incubator focused on accelerating entrepreneurship for black and latinx founders. Tune-in to find out why she’s so passionate about the power of women owning their work.