Episode 24: Emilia Chagas, CEO and Co-Founder at Contentools


Today’s episode we welcome Emilia Chagas from Contentools.

In the show you’ll learn a little of Emilia’s background being a content expert, launching her business, going through 500 startups, and what it’s like working in Brazil.

Emilia is a maven of content, and we get into some super specific content tips including the 5 elements of a content strategy.

So whip out that legal pad, prepare to take some notes and enjoy our conversation with Emilia Chagas.



1:19 Beautiful Florionóplis, BR

2:30 Journalist, Recent Graduate

2:50 Issue with Content Marking

4:24 Solving the Problem

5:20 The Start and Creation

6:50 Marketing Manager Problems

8:21 Solution

9:44 Launch & Growth

10:36  Customers

11:02 Hubspot

12:13 Creating Content Strategy

13:11 Content Marketing like Jazz

14:10 Knowledge of customers

15:55 Company Goal

17:43  Build the team

18:51 Content Marketing Hats

19:15 Choosing Distribution Channels

21:45 Core purpose & Content Marketing

22:22 Create your voice

24:09 Florianópolis as a startup hub

26:30 Global team serving Global Market

27:20 500 Startups experience

29:20 Current and Future Plans