Episode 23: Pedro Sorrentino, Venture Associate at FundersClub


Today’s episode we welcome Pedro Sorrentino from FundersClub.

You are in for a treat as you get to hear Pedro’s story. Growing up in Sao Paolo, Pedro has been a hustler since his youth. His passion to pursue greatness, and his heart to apply himself and give back is just awesome.

We recorded this interview in the swanky FundersClub office in the trendy dogpatch district in San Francisco.

FundersClub SF Office

In the show you’ll learn about Pedro’s crazy journey including making the leap from a high flying ed tech startup to connections in NYC, to Boulder, and jumping on board the rocket ship startup that is Sendgrid and finally where he’s at now as a VC with Funder’s Club.

So much you can learn from Pedro’s story – pay close attention to his genuine heart to serve others, and the attitude he has to roll up his sleeves and work harder, doing things no-one maybe even thought of. I’ve got all the respect in the world for you Pedro.

So guys, grab a Brazilian friend, make some Caipirinha’s and sit back and enjoy my conversation with Pedro Sorrentino.


1:25 Caipirinha Recipe

4:10 Raised Paulistano

5:30 Pedro’s Upbringing

12:50 Start of the Hustle

14:55 Pedro’s First Job

16:50 Hollywood and Silicon Valley

18:15 Crossroads and Tech Startups

21:40 Moving to America

27:37 Well Mannered Misfit

31:35 Starting his First Company

34:00 Optionality

36:00 Joining SendGrid

41:00 Visa Troubles

45:30 Creating the API Market

47:45 Pedro’s Blog Post 

52:00 Advice for a First Time Founder

57:45 Investment Criteria

1:01:30 Thriving Tech Ecosystem Drivers

1:05:00 1% Better Everyday