Episode 21: Proto HUB, REV, and Investing in Community with George Yarbrough


Co-founder and Director of Operations at Proto HUB Honolulu

Today’s episode we welcome co-founder of the Proto HUB Honolulu, George Yarbrough. He is also the co-creator and facilitator of the Raising Entrepreneurial Ventures Program that just completed.

He’s a world-traveler, and a world-class dude!

In this short conversation with George, we talk about balancing a heart for travel and adventure, with investing in your local community and giving back.  We chat startup education and discuss the future of the Proto HUB here in Honolulu.

So please enjoy our conversation with George Yarbrough.



1:20 – Meet George Yarbrough

2:19 – How George thinks global and acts local

3:44 – Growing up without a community

5:20 – Why Hawaii is so comfortable

6:21 – Introducing the REV Program (Raising Entrepreneurial Ventures)

9:45 – The REV Program Structure

10:39 – Using the Flipped Classroom Model

12:02 – Interviewing Students about the Ideal Program

12:56 – Interviewing Investors about the Ideal Graduates

15:31 – Offering Open Data

16:05 – Highlights of the REV Program

17:01 – How Pivots were Indicators of Success

19:19 – Whats next for Impact Hub

21:42 – How Impact Hub will use it’s new funding

22:23 – The mission of Impact Hub