Episode 19: Lanai Tabura, Entertainer & Entrepreneur


Today’s guest is Lanai Tabura, Entertainer, Entrepreneur and Producer / TV Show Host

In the interview, we cover a wide range of topics and Lanai tells LOTS of stories. We dig deep into the various entrepreneurial activities he’s enjoyed over the years and really chat through the highs and the lows.

My top lessons: love the hustle, embrace bartering. When you meet someone, seek to build a relationship. Be giving and embrace aloha.

A few favorite parts: getting started in radio at 17, how he went from the top of the radio industry in hawaii to filing for bankruptcy, the story of the great food truck race, and the fantastic story of Rudy, his Filipino driver which is near the end of the show when we talk about traveling tips. This episode we really take you on a journey, so stick around for the whole thing. I personally have listened to the recording multiple times.

This is one day gang, where if you’re stuck in rush hour traffic, you’ll be thankful because you’ll get to finish this episode. I have no doubt you will thoroughly enjoy my conversation with Lanai Tabura.