Episode 16: Troy Ruediger, Founder at Starters.Co.


Troy discusses his entrepreneurial background, building community, and product development

Troy Ruediger has been an early startup employee, repeat founder, and straight up hustler. In his first company he worked at Rukkus, he did everything from Flying drones, selling tickets, doing customer service. Troy is the Founder at Starters.Co. and leads Product/Growth at vibby. Troy is also the Founder of one of the hottest slack groups.


Online Resources Mentioned


Notable People Mentioned

Stephen Ellis

Stewart Butterfield

Books Mentioned

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Schools Mentioned

Shenandoah University

University of Southern Carolina 


3:30 – How Troy got into sports

7:40 – Becoming interested in technology

8:40 – First startup experience at Rukkus

10:20 – Taking the leap to do his own thing

16:30 – Lesson’s learned from failure

17:45 – Experience with startup culture

20:31 – Vibby

24:05 – Vibby’s transformation

27:00 – What Troy would like to see happen in the sports tech industry

30:00 – Troy’s pet peeve

32:20 – Slack

26:10 – What makes a good community manager

39:30 – Troy’s article: 5 Ways to build your brand on Slack

44:35 – Hey Taco on Slack

47:00 – Blue Label Moments

49:20 – Rapid Fire Q&A: Favorite podcast, favorite book, founder or investor he admires, best olympic memory, sports matchup he would love to see, something in his career that he is super proud of, final tips for entrepreneurs