Episode 15: Hunter Swensson, COO and Co-Founder at Paranoid Fan


Hunter discusses his all of his experiences from competing as a professional eSports player to starting his company Paranoid Fan

Today’s episode kicks off our special 3-part sports-tech series, just in time for the Olympics. Leading off is Hunter Swensson, Founder and COO at Paranoid Fan.

Paranoid Fan is a social mapping app that helps fans navigate through their game-day experience, and Hunter has a super interesting journey, being a professional sports athlete where his corporate sponsors included Toyota, and he also worked for ESPN in Texas.

In the interview, we get into a lot, from the ups and downs of founding a company, getting customers at Paranoid Fan, building their company in Dallas… and you’ll find out about who “old man makowski” is.

One Key lesson to highlight: take what you learn from your successes and apply it to your future endeavors (in Hunter’s case, his halo esports dominance has helped him in his entrepreneurial journey).

Hunter is a hungry entrepreneur, it was inspiring chatting with him – Thank you to Michael Keoni DeFranco for connecting us, and please enjoy the conversation with Hunter Swensson.


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Merril Lynch



Notable People Mentioned

Ken Rosenthal

Jonah Keri

Agustin Gonzalez

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Y Combinator

Sports Teams Mentioned

Atlanta Falcons

Oregon Ducks

Dallas Stars

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Ol’ Man Makowski (Hunter Swensson) Halo Footage


2:50 – Elevator pitch for Hunter’s company Paranoid Fan

4:18 – UI similarities between Waze and Paranoid Fan

6:07 – Hunter’s time as a professional eSports player

11:27 – Getting corporate sponsors for eSports

15:01 – Moving on from eSports to ESPN

16:37 – The inspiration behind Paranoid Fan

19:12 – The steps taken to create Paranoid Fan

23:00 – The importance of good partners

24:30 – How Hunter attracted early investors

27:21 – Hunter’s customer acquisition strategy

31:08 – How Paranoid Fan keeps users coming back

35:12 – Partnering with the Atlanta Falcons and Oregon Ducks

36:40 – Paranoid Fan’s business plan

40:35 – Paranoid Fan competitors

43:19 – How users can update information on the app

45:28 – What Hunter is most looking forward to for Paranoid Fan

49:19 – Takeaways from the Techstar program

52:15 – Rapid Fire Q&A – One thing that you would want to do in Hawaii, top tools or resources for entrepreneurs, favorite sports team, who inspires you, final tips for entrepreneurs