Episode 14: Evan Leong, Entrepreneur & Investor


Evan stops by to provide insight into starting multiple companies while still balancing his family life

Serial Entrepreneur, Evan Leong shares his experiences about being an entrepreneur from a young age, the power of networking, figuring out work-arounds to succeed, what OPI, OPE, and OPM are. The importance of having clarity and setting parameters. “70% and go”, the importance of having a support network / mentors, and sooo much more.


Notable People and Entrepreneurs Mentioned

Bill Chee

Kealoha (Steve)

John Dean

Tim Ferriss

Lewis Howes

Companies Mentioned

Stand Up Paddle Surf

Greater Good Radio

Bubble Tea Supply


Podcasts Mentioned

The Amazing Seller

The Tim Ferriss Show

This Week in Tech

Books Mentioned

Good to Great by Jim Collins

The E-myth by Michael Gerber

Entrepreneur Tools Mentioned



Hawaii Eateries Mentioned

Forty Carrots

Sushi ii

Yum Yum Thai

Stand Up Paddle Board Mentioned

Laird Stand Up Paddle Board


2:00 – Evan’s introduction to entrepreneurship

6:35 – Finding balance between family and work

9:30 – On the “2-week rule”, and Michael Gerber’s E-Myth book

11:00 – Using team members for their strengths

12:10 – Getting his Bubble Tea Supply company off the ground

15:54 – “70% and go” approach

18:47 – Recognizing the demand for a product in future markets

24:42 – The ups and downs of entrepreneurship

27:02 – The need for a support network

29:00 – Why it’s important to teach entrepreneurship to the future generations

31:26 – Important skills for entrepreneurs

39:34 – The parallels between paddling in a canoe and starting a business

41:23 – Rapid Fire Q&A: What is your favorite thing about Hawaii, favorite place to eat, favorite beach, what podcasts you listen to, founder or investor you admire, what advice would you give your 20 year old self, final tips for entrepreneurs