Episode 13: Omar Sultan, Founder and Managing Partner at Sultan Ventures & XLR8UH

Sultan Ventures- Photo of Omar Sultan


From New Orleans to Abu Dhabi and Hawaii – Omar shares gems on his journey including his interest in the medical field, computers, and venture capital

Omar has been a tireless worker for entrepreneurs, technology, and innovation in Hawaii for nearly a decade.

In the interview, Omar gets into how he and his family launched Sultan Ventures, learn about his healthcare and technology background, things he looks for in an entrepreneur’s pitch, the importance of education in our startup ecosystem and much more. A quick teaser, you will find out how many different black belts Omar has, as well as his top three tips on what to do when visiting New Orleans. Lots of great stuff!


Companies and Programs Mentioned


Jetset ESL

VilCap Communities

Notable People Mentioned

Barry Weinman

David Lassner

Vassilis Syrmos

Susan Yamada

Books Mentioned

Living with a Seal by Jesse Itzler

TV Shows Mentioned



Things to do in New Orleans

New Orleans Jazz Fest

Commanders Palace

New Orleans Street Car


2:24 – Omar’s unorthodox college experience

6:00 – What to do in New Orleans

7:15 – Omar’s post college plan

11:37 – Owning a business vs. working for a corporation

14:10 – How Omar ended up in Hawaii

15:52 – The start of Sultan Ventures

20:58 – Becoming partners with the University of Hawaii

26:18 – The success of the past XLR8UH cohorts

28:00 – Why XLR8UH is a unique opportunity

33:06 – What is VilCap Community

36:13 – What Omar looks for in an investment opportunity

37:40 – Common mistakes that entrepreneurs make

38:42 – What a team could do to impress Omar during a pitch

42:06 – Omar’s experiences in the Hawaii startup scene

44:10 – The educational side of entrepreneurship

48:15 – Rapid Fire Q&A – What is your favorite thing about Hawaii, what is your favorite beach or place, favorite resources, best book you’ve read recently, last Netflix show you binge watched, best product purchased for under $100, startup founder or investor that inspires you, final tips or advice for entrepreneurs