Episode 10: Gabe Mott, CEO and Co-Founder at Huedoku


Gabe discusses all of his experiences from working in Silicon Valley to becoming an artist and eventually developing his app Huedoku

Gabe began his career at Silicon Graphics, working through the hay day of the dot com boom. Through various roles in tech, he ended up pursuing a passion in the arts.

It’s that blend between art and technology that he co-founded a leading Interactive Arts Festival on Maui, an experience called Creating the Colorbox and the company Huedoku Labs.

In this interview, Gabe gets into some fascinating topics on color theory, such as 2 ways to create luminosity, launching the app in Holland recently, and you’ll even learn what his favorite color is!


1:50 – Working in Silicon Valley

4:30 – After the Dot-com bubble burst

6:02 – Whether Gabe feels he’s more an Artist or Entrepreneur

6:44 – Gabe’s journey into art

7:42 – Learning from the Color Master

11:45 – What is Color Theory

12:54 – How Claude Monet’s art can trick the brain

16:07 – What is Huedoku?

17:28 – Launching Huedoku in the Netherlands

22:10 – Coming up with the Huedoku commercial

25:04 – Some obstacles and shortcomings of Huedoku

30:27 – Gabe’s thoughts on the recent App Store Updates

33:28 – Where Huedoku stands in the brain game market

38:20 – Rapid Fire Q&A – Favorite thing about Hawaii, favorite beach, what tools does he use for his business, favorite podcasts, favorite color, least favorite color, career accomplishment he’s most proud of, individual that inspires the most, what is halation, final tips for entrepreneurs