Episode 04: Rechung Fujihira, CEO Box Jelly


How he started Box Jelly: Hawaii’s first co-working space, tips on building community, and why he gives back

Rechung Fujihira is Co-Founder and CEO of Box Jelly, Hawaii’s first co-working space. He was also Co-Founder of Blue Startups, Hawaii’s first venture-accelerator and has helped to build various pillars of the startup community in Honolulu.

He has been named the Hawaii Venture Capital Association’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Pacific Edge Magazine’s Young Professional of the Year and one of the 20 people to watch for the next 20 years by Hawaii Business Magazine.


Books Referenced:

Built to Sell by John Warrillow

Cashflow Quadrant by Robert T. Kiyosaki

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo


Blogs Mentioned:

Common Sense with Dan Carlin

Comments section of AVC by Fred Wilson


Entrepreneurs / Investors Rechung admires:

God Father of co-working: Tony Bacigalupo

Darren Kimura

Chad Kahunahana

Elon Musk


Shows he likes: 

House of Cards on Netflix

Money and Violence on Youtube


3:45 – Selling CD’s and other odd jobs

5:25 – Meeting his first mentor Duke

7:24 – Traveling abroad to Japan

9:45 – Going to China and seeing first co-working space

10:45 – “Chit-Chats” at Shin don way

12:20 – Working with Tony and going to Chaminade classes even though he graduated

15:30 – Getting started on Box Jelly

17:25 – Partnerships with private companies doing educational programs

18:15 – Story behind the name: Box Jelly

18:55 – Struggles with initial testing of proof of concept: popup at Fishcake

22:45 – Marketing and Mission

24:30 – Coming out of his shell and learning to network

28:25 – The startup community

31:38 – Building co-working spaces attached to schools

33:34 – Rechung’s vision for Box Jelly in the next 5-10 years

39:30 – What the Box Jelly does, Rocket ship analogy

40:47 – Tips about community building

43:05 – Moon Collective, own and run by Benjamin King

46:12 – How Hawaii’s startup scene has evolved since Box Jelly’s been open

49:25 – Why Hawaii?

51:08 – Why give back?

55:05 – Rapid Fire Q&A: Favorite thing about Hawaii, Favorite Blogs/Podcast, Best book, Entrepreneurs he admires, last Netflix show he binge watched, what he’s most proud of in his career

1:01:02 – Tips for Entrepreneurs