Episode 03: Steve Haumschild, Angel Investor and Founder and CEO of Lanikai Brewing Company


Steve is a successful entrepreneur and investor, in our show he shares a little about his exciting journey

Adventureman, investor, and master brewer; Steve shares his experiences in life and business. From living in a tent in the woods to working on a volcano in Hawaii, to launching a successful brewery; we cover it all! This is a fun episode where we enjoy some Moku imperial IPA (listen to learn what its original name was going to be), and chat startups, adventures, and life journeys.



2:20 – “Cheers” Moku Double Imperial IPA Made with Pikake Flowers, Originally 8.08%, Trademark Issues

4:00 – How Steve went from studying Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology at the Ohio State University to owning a Craft Brewery (and other ventures) in Hawaii

5:25 – Bucking the trend as an entrepreneur: Father was a doctor, Mom a nurse but figured out early the the medical path was not for him

7:00 – Moving into a tent in the woods, entrance into the business world was buying in Real Estate, buying homes

10:10 – Falling in love with Hawaii

12:00 – From working, to managing, to owning a Kayak Company in Kailua

14:20 – East and West bound Markets: How tourism businesses in Hawaii have to market themselves.

15:30 – When Steve realized he wanted a business education

18:00 – Shidler MBA and choosing the sustainable brewing concept as his EMBA project

19:40 – Lanikai Brewing Co gets started

23:00 – Sustainable Brewing discussion: Infusing Flavors, “Distinctly Island Inspired”

26:15 – Steve’s initial experience with being a manager

27:15 – Steve’s initial experience with exiting a business

30:55 – Choosing passions that align with your business, Lifestyle Entrepreneur

34:10 – Steve wrote a love-letter to entrepreneurs (more to himself to encourage him in the low times)

37:50 – Steve’s post-mortem on some business failures: the moral is choose your partners wisely!

42:20 – Hawaii’s Startup scene

43:55 – Steve’s most recent investment and why he invested (hint: the entrepreneur’s name was Steve)

45:15 – Check out this video of Steve bombing hills in Lanikai on the One Wheel Skateboard

45:48 – Rapid Fire Questions: Favorite thing about Hawaii, Beach, Startup podcast, Book, Startup Founder or Investor he admires, Netflix Show, What he’s proud of, People who inspired him, tips and advice for entrepreneurs