BONUS – Week of Blue Startups Cohort 7 Demo Day – UNUM Co-Founder Dillon Morgan Chats about his Startup and answers Q&A

This is the first installment of our 3-part series of special programming for the week of Blue Startups Demo Day for Cohort 7 wrapping up with their Honolulu Demo Day last Friday, and leading up to their Silicon Valley Demo Day this weekend.

We will be interviewing several startup CEO’s from the Blue Batch #7. This episode we catch up with UNUM Co-Founder and CEO Dillon Morgan.

This episode includes the UNUM elevator pitch, we get into some Q&A about their traction, competition, monetization strategies, and even the best instagram accounts he’s loving right now.

Tune in tomorrow for Activiter CEO and Co-Founder Rob Lafontaine.