BONUS Episode – HVCA State of the Startup Investment Industry in Hawaii Luncheon

Each year, Hawaii Venture Capital Association has a “State of the Startup Investment Industry” talk with panel discussion and investor presentations reviewing and forecasting developments both locally and nationally. This year we were fortunate to attend and record the proceedings!

We’ve included the audio from the event in a bonus episode of The Startup Catalyst Podcast.

This year’s panelists, moderated by Meli James, Head of New Ventures at Sultan Ventures and President, HVCA were:

Vijoy Chattergy – Chief Investment Officer at the Hawaii Employees’ Retirement System

Tim Dick – General Partner at Startup Capital Ventures

Omar Sultan – Director of Investments at Upside Fund & XLR8UH and Partner at Sultan Ventures

Steve Markowitz – Angel Investor

The first 30 minutes or so is comprised of two presentations: 1 by Steve Markowitz, where he provides a debrief of the Angel Capital Association conference he attended a few weeks ago in Philadelphia.

Second up is Tim Dick’s annual “State of the VC industry” talk which he has given for the last few years, to my knowledge at least. Fantastic data and analysis with both the Silicon Valley and Honolulu perspectives. Check out Tim’s slides on slideshare.

The remainder of the audio is discussions and Q&A by the panel, moderated by Meli.

Thank you to the HVCA team for allowing us to record and broadcast the awesome discussion! For more information on HVCA, including their membership rates and upcoming events, head on over to