Your Investor is Arriving In a Startup Paradise Uber Near You

The elevator pitch is that 30-second window entrepreneurs have to grab the attention of listeners and excite potential investors.

The future of one’s company can hinge on the success or failure of your elevator pitch.

We coach our startups that you should “always be pitching”. Honing, improving, updating, tailoring for your audience.

Well get ready Hawaii entrepreneurs, because next week you will have a chance to pitch your startup idea to active angel investors while getting a FREE Uber ride!

That’s right, we couldn’t be more excited to announce UberPITCH in Hawaii.

UberPITCH is a collaboration between UBER and Sultan Ventures to bring even more innovation to the ever-growing Hawaii startup community. On Tuesday, 9/13, from 12-4 pm, Uber will offer free rides on Oahu and Maui to a select group of ambitious entrepreneurs to pitch an investor

Read more on the UberPITCH page or find out all the details at Uber PITCH in Hawaii.