XLR8UH Makes List of Best Startup Accelerator Programs of 2017

Sultan Ventures- Photo of Omar Sultan

XLR8UH, the University of Hawaii’s accelerator program, was named one of the nation’s best startup accelerators of 2017.

“This is great momentum for innovation and startups in Hawaii, the university and Startup Paradise,” said Omar Sultan, managing director of XLR8UH. “We’re obviously very happy for the national recognition.”

XLR8UH made the “Bronze” category in the ranking compiled by the Seed Accelerator Rankings Project.

AngelPad in San Francisco and Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Y Combinator were the two accelerators that were ranked in the top “Platinum Plus” category.

The list was compiled by researchers from Rice University, the MIT Innovation Initiative Lab for Innovation Science and the University of Richmond.

Researchers ranked more than 150 accelerator programs in the areas of valuation, qualified exit, qualified fundraising, survival, founder satisfaction and alumni network.

The metrics were weighted within categories, with the categories then weighted to produce an overall score.