What is Slack and Why It is So Important for Your Business

I had the opportunity to present at the Digital Marketing Summit with a Dash of SaaS Conference in Honolulu today. In addition to hosting a Startup Panel with XLR8UH Portfolio Companies Comprendio and MeetingSift, as well as Brian Rabben from Blue Startups, I prepared a presentation on the importance of Slack.

Slack is the fastest growing B2B SaaS product ever and it is a killer messaging platform that is dramatically changing the way businesses communicate internally and even externally with customers. My presentation was on how small businesses (and all businesses really) can and should take advantage of this tool. A tectonic shift in the way companies interact is underway, from consumer expectations to employees (especially the millennial workforce). This next generation of employees have a completely different expectation of how they will be communicating at work. Slack is the future, and I believe the future is now.

Below is the entire slide deck presentation. I am also happy to offer assistance to small business owners and individuals looking for advice and guidance on how to setup Slack in their organization and how to maximize this powerful tool for yourself. If you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you!