The Startup Catalyst Podcast: Wrapping Up a Fantastic Season

One thousand six hundred ninety. That is the amount of interview minutes we’ve recorded and published in our 30 total episodes (including bonus shows). That’s over 2.7 gigabytes worth of conversation, laughter, and yes, even some emotional moments.

It’s been a fantastic ride, and this content is and always will be available for free, accessible to any and all who want to learn about the startup paradise life and building companies around the globe.

Creating a collection of stories and advice for entrepreneurs everywhere has always been a driving force behind why we invested in the podcast.

At Sultan Ventures, we’re all about equipping, educating, and investing in entrepreneurs. Our emphasis on smaller startup communities is part of a broader investment thesis backed up by our involvement with the Village Capital communities initiative (listen to Episode 20 or Episode 25 for more info on Vilcap).

There is literally dozens of things you can learn from these interviews. We talked about some of the favorite takeaways before.

What was one of the most common refrains though and last bits of advice for the listeners?


As Episode 05 guest Susan Yamada said at the end of our interview:


Success is no mystery. The mystery is truly why so many people keep asking about the “secrets to success”. Work hard. Follow your passion. Be humble.

Our guests have ranged from successful entrepreneurs, impactful angel investors, world-famous entertainers, and high profile Venture Capitalists.

We wrap up this “Season 1”, with a solid base of incredible content that we’re very proud to have produced.

It all is due to our amazing guests. They’re the true rockstars, discussing their successes and failures too.

Failure is part of life. It’s also about 90% of entrepreneurship! And it takes courage to openly share and admit where you may have misstepped.

And I’m incredibly humbled by their dedication to passing on knowledge to others that they embraced the transparency and shared with us how they may have done things differently.

Want to know what it was like launching the podcast? Ready to start your own?
Check out this 3-part series of the experience getting this awesome project off the ground. You can see the original posts on

Part 1: The Landscape, The Why, The Concept
Part 2: The Interviews, The Gear, The Editing, The Launch
Part 3: The Analytics, The Promotion, The Future

We will be taking a break til after the new year, at which time you may see some dynamite new content.

Our aim is to ensure we are continuing to innovate and add value while balancing all our efforts and initiatives.

It would be great to get your feedback as to what you might want to see? What additional topics could be covered? How can the format me changed up? Shoot us an email at social at or you can always reach us on the social interwebs.