The Best of the Launch NY LaunchHour Twitter Chat

Launch Hour April Twitter Graphic

Yesterday, I was invited to participate in the Launch NY LaunchHour Twitter chat with fellow Vilcap community members. We had a wonderful and vibrant conversation addressing some serious questions facing entrepreneurs and investors everywhere.

The top tweets are embedded for each answer based upon favorites or retweets. At Sultan Ventures, we really see efforts like LaunchHour as critical kicking off points of even more meaningful dialogue with long-term learning, and change where necessary.

I hope you enjoy the summary rundown! Make sure and catch the next twitter chat from our friends at Launch NY! You can find all the tweets searching twitter on hashtag: #LaunchHour and #ReInventVC. For the full post and tweet stream, you can see the post.

Question 1: Key Takeaways include that as technology improves, the barriers that were insurmountable in the past are much more achievable. Investors prefer to deploy capital within close geographic proximity (although data suggests this may be changing).

Question 2: Key takeaways are to leverage regional strengths, and success depends on collaborating with various stakeholders.

Question 3: Key Takeaways include, amazing things are going on everywhere! From agtech, foodtech, to med tech. Beauty of VilCap communities is the diversity with talent from coast to coast including Buffalo, Milwaukee, and of course, Honolulu.

Question 4: Key takeaways are be you – do what you do best. Goal isn’t to be Silicon Valley, it’s to learn and leverage strengths. Plus, culture matters. A fail-forward attitude is necessary.

Question 5: Key takeaways are that biases exist and we can do better – we must do better. That being said, there are shining light examples (including Hawaii) where women are leading the charge in many ways.

Question 6: Key takeaways can be summarized as VilCap provides resources, access, and democratizes entrepreneurship connecting budding innovation hubs around the country.