Sultan Ventures Is Everywhere In Hawaii’s Tech Scene

Thanks to our friends at Civil Beat for covering us in a recent article. Thank you to Jason Rushin for the piece! See the full article on Civil Beat’s website. Civil Bytes: Sultan Ventures Is Everywhere In Hawaii’s Tech Scene

Some excerpts:

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Sultan Ventures taking a leading role in getting tech-friendly bills through the Legislature and being front and center for the HVCA’s recently held annual awards gala. And we’re just barely 10 weeks into this year!

As Hawaii’s startups achieve more success and Hawaii gains more recognition as a region generating viable startups, Sultan Ventures seems to be not only riding the same wave, but generating—or at least coordinating—most of the energy behind that wave.

It’s hard to keep up with Sultan Ventures, and it doesn’t sound like they’re slowing down.

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We couldn’t agree more.

We’re fortunate to have some amazing partners and are honored by the recognition and support.