Sultan Ventures Continues Commitment To Startup Weekend

This past weekend, Sultan Ventures Partner Omar Sultan participated as a judge in the Maui Startup Weekend Event hosted by the Maui Economic Development Board held at the Maui Tech Park.

“Our company has been involved in every Startup Weekend in Hawai‘i since the beginning, because we think it’s a great entry point for local entrepreneurs trying to get a flavor as to what it takes to create a business,” Omar was quoted as saying in a Maui News article covering the event.

Sultan Ventures is proud to have supported every Startup Weekend event throughout Hawaii. In addition to sponsorships, we’ve served as mentors, judges, and even conducted and hosted startup bootcamps. With over a dozen Startup Weekends across Hawaii in total, including ones on Oahu, Maui, and even the University of Hawaii, it’s something we are proud of and don’t anticipate changing any time soon.

We look forward to the continued success and growth of Startup Weekend and more events like it.

Congrats to the winners! The team of the Original FaceGuard captured their first place win with a selfie. Their startup offers a trendy and fun anti-microbial facemask for travelers. Pictured from left: Julie Lewis, Lorayne Lipps, Danielle Travis, Molly Palmer and Austin Kozaki. Photo credit: Casey Nishikawa