Introducing The All-New Podcast: The Startup Catalyst Version 2.0

Today we’re excited to unveil the re-launch of our podcast “The Startup Catalyst” with a brand new season, a brand new host, Yasmin Dar, and a brand new podcast theme that we’re really passionate about. Season 2 is focused entirely on inclusivity in the startup and VC community, a space where the diversity stats are pretty grim.

Just a few of the dismal numbers to give you an idea of how vast the gender and race gap is in this industry: 

  • Only 10% of all Venture Funding went to startups with at least 1 female co-founder in 2017 (source: Crunchbase)
  • Only 2.7% of VC investments went to women-led companies in 2017 (source: Fortune)
  • Only 1% of VC-backed startups have black founders (Source: CB Insights)
  • Less than 13% of all Investment Partners at VC firms are Asian or Pacific Islander (Source: NVCA)

Something must be done to change these statistics. We need more opportunities for women and ethnic minorities, and we believe closing the inclusivity gap starts with having an open dialogue on the issue.  To fuel that conversation, Season 2 of the podcast features thought-provoking insights on diversity and inclusivity from an all-star lineup of trailblazing entrepreneurs and investors. Here at Sultan Ventures, inclusivity is much more than a buzzword. We’ve been working to democratize entrepreneurship since we started the firm nearly a decade ago, and the podcast is just the latest chapter in our quest to create opportunities that are open to everyone with the dream of starting a business. We call this initiative to democratize entrepreneurship #XLR8ALL, and by reaching new audiences via The Startup Catalyst, we’re expanding on that goal of empowering and inspiring underrepresented groups.  We’ve got a great season lined up for you. We’ll be launching a new episode weekly, and hope you’ll tune in and join the #CloseTheGap crusade to level the playing field for all.




  1. Kathryn Finney: One of tech’s most influential women, she went from fashion blogger to founder of an incubator for Black & Latinx women. Tune In


  1. Brittney Riley: This millennial female founder shattered the glass ceiling and broke into the VC boys’ club. Tune In


  1. Samson Williams:  Half-Black, half-Mexican from Texas, this cryptocurrency expert became the official Irish Ambassador for crowdfunding to the EU. Tune In


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