XLR8HI: Pitch Perfect

Sultan Ventures- Business Plan Presentation

About the Event

About the Workshop

If your business needs financing, you need a presentation. Pitching is an art and a science. Every pitch and presentation needs to hit the most important investor touch points. Learn how to tell a story that appeals to the emotions of your audience. At the close of the course, put it all together in front of an audience offering constructive feedback.

Course Content

Fundamentals Of A Pitch Deck

You need to build a pitch deck that hits all the points investors are most interested in. Investors hear thousands of pitches. If your deck doesn’t hit the key points you might not even make it into the room.

Determining The Story

They say all marketers tell stories. Every presentation is a story. Telling a captivating story is crucial to keeping your audience hooked and interested.


A frame is the instrument you use to package your power, authority, strength, information, and status. Presentations can be in a power frame, analyst frame, time frame, and prize frame. How should you frame your presentation?

Tying It All Together

Now it’s time to apply what you’ve learned. Practice your pitch in front of an audience and get constructive feedback on your performance.