Advanced telescope mirror technology, developed by astrophysicists, applied to the solar industry — produces 400% more power than current PV systems.

MorphOptic are astrophysicists applying their patented telescope mirror technology to the solar industry – producing 400% more power than current PV systems.

MorphOptic, Inc. was formed by a group of PhD physicists and optical scientists at the University of Hawaii to exploit a new technology for forming inexpensive, large, light-weight and highly accurate parabolic mirrors. Our team includes expertise from the Hawaii solar power industry, in combination with international and NASA prize-winning researchers and technologists who have developed some of the most innovative optical concepts in astronomical telescopes during the last two decades.

Accurate imaging and energy collection mirrors are cost-drivers in optical systems as diverse as concentrated solar power units to free- space optical communication dishes. Hybrid concentrated solar power (HCPV) is a technology destined to increase the total usable solar power in both residential and commercial applications by a factor of 3 over flat PV panels – MorphOptic is enabling this with their mirrors in roof-mountable modular systems.