iFirst Medical Technologies

iFirst Medical Technologies is revolutionizing health care, by bringing the lab to the patient. Our solution provides a new standard-of-care in coagulation diagnostics. Existing tests such as PT/INR, do not provide the sensitivity or depth of Information needed in critical care applications, such as traumatic Injury or surgical monitoring. In addition, cardiac and stroke patients need a modernized coagulation test, to fulfill the needs of traditional and new anticoagulants. Since our solution is easy to use, mobile and inexpensive, it can be used in conventional applications such as laboratories, as well as expanding into the OR, ER and even ambulances. In ambulances, iFirst’s “mobile lab” enables lifesaving information to be transmitted to the hospital, prior to patient arrival. This allows blood products to be ready upon the patient’s arrival. iFirst envisions the continued growth of products using our mobile health diagnostic platform in the future and we will continue to pursue other critical situations, where ease of use, cost and mobility can help save lives of patients and help care providers increase profits.