World’s smallest line of sight HD wearable camera, built in a modular system that reinvents point-of-view recording.

Flywire provides line of site HD cameras in modular system with capture capabilities and audio-video quality superior to existing products.

Flywire technology is a fully modular HD video system. The tech allows isolation of the video and audio sensors from the video compression hardware. This allows a miniaturization of the camera and microphone components allowing users to capture video from their exact desired (human) perspective as well as the precise audio they wish to record. Remote location of the DVR also allows the video equipment to be integrated into existing user equipment in novel ways generating a more flexible and powerful HD video recording solution than most traditional wearable cameras. The modular nature of the system allows for a broad diversification of camera styles, mounts, and applications. The goal of design integration has resulted in mounting solutions orders of magnitude more inexpensive than traditional competing systems to yield and overall package of equal or greater audio video quality in a more versatile and cost effective platform.