Comprendio is an ed-tech platform that provides actionable analytics positively impacting real-time knowledge transfer and learning comprehension.

Comprendio describes their technology as a SaaS tool designed to increase instructor effectiveness and learner comprehension in real-time. It helps instructors to identify what learners do not know and tracks the level of understanding throughout a lesson in real-time. This unique data is presented in an intuitive visual concept map that empowers instructors with the ability to adjust instruction and differentiate on the fly, thus increasing learning comprehension. The tool simultaneously measures how effective the instructional strategy/lesson implemented was, allowing instructors to identify which strategies work best for them and ultimately their students. This data is provided through a proven instructional process that combines the use of mental models with real-time text analysis. What makes this tool unique is it’s ability to blend content management, knowledge visualization, and analytics through a proprietary system that is minimally disruptive, augments any current instructional strategy, and provides immediate impact and actionable data.