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Susan Yamada

Executive Director PACE


Immigrants Get The Job Done In Hawaii

Here’s who they are and what they contribute to the local economy. Immigrants have an outsized place in Hawaii’s history. In the 19th and early 20th centuries they came from Japan, China, Puerto Rico and the Portuguese Azores and sustained the labor-intensive sugar and pineapple industries that dominated the state until a generation ago, creating...Read More

Engine: Loss of net neutrality puts innovation at risk in Hawaii

Tarik Sultan, is a managing partner at Sultan Ventures based in Honolulu.  The world of innovation is at an exciting point in time, unrivaled by anything we’ve ever seen before. The cost of launching a startup has never been cheaper and the process has never been more efficient. This is largely due to reduced business costs (e.g....Read More

Star Advertiser: Loss of net neutrality puts innovation at risk in Hawaii

As the most isolated archipelago on Earth, Hawaii has long had a challenging economic riddle to solve: How does a group of remote islands in the middle of the Pacific participate in today’s global economy? The answer has depended on Hawaii’s ability to connect with the world through technology.      How we embrace, foster...Read More