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Susan Yamada

Executive Director PACE


Failing Slow: Balancing Overoptimism and Overconfidence in Entrepreneurship

Overoptimism can kill. But in the world of entrepreneurship, overoptimism might very well be the life raft that helps you weather the roughest storms. While the barriers to entry for startups trying to break into the market can be quite high — from raising enough capital to locating a viable market — there are equally imposing barriers the entrepreneur...Read More

Expert Advice for Entrepreneurs: Lessons From The Startup Catalyst Podcast

Click here to read Lessons From The Startup Catalyst Podcast: Part 1   In Season 2, we asked accomplished founders and investors what advice they had for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here’s what they said: 1. Know yourself and know your unique truth Kathryn Finney, Founder & Managing Director, digitalundivided I think it is really important as an...Read More

5 Ways To Promote Inclusivity In Your Daily Work-Life: Lessons From The Startup Catalyst Podcast

  Understatement: there’s a vast inclusivity gap in the startup world. Tech and startup cultures are known for their longstanding exclusivity, where the majority of founders and VCs are white men, and females and minorities are extremely underrepresented. Since Sultan Ventures started, we’ve been all about equity and access for entrepreneurs— access to opportunities, access...Read More