Democratizing Entrepreneurship

Inaugural VilCap Community Cohort

SV in partnership with Village Capital is bringing to Hawaii an accelerator program incorporating a globally proven method of peer-selection and venture development to support entrepreneurs who are transforming our community. We are looking to train and invest in impactful early stage startups which are solving major problems in two industries critical crucial to Hawaii’s future – agriculture and energy.

Village Capital is a nonprofit organization that finds, trains, and funds early-stage ventures solving major global problems in agriculture, education, energy, financial inclusion, and health. is a global community (or non profit organization?)  which finds, trains, and invests in entrepreneurs solving real-world problems. Village Capital recruits leaders from around the world to join them in their mission to democratize entrepreneurship bye enabling anyone, anywhere to use peer-selected investment to support entrepreneurs within communities. Village Capital has successfully launched programs with over 500 ventures from more than 40 countries which measurably and continuously outperform the competition.


Why Partner with VilCap? 

Simple, because it works. Village Capital’s method of peer-selection and venture development reliably identifies the most promising ventures, providing an efficient and inclusive alternative to conventional due diligence. So far out of 59 total investments there have been:

• 8 exits

• $142M Investment Capital Leverage

• $19M Revenue Generated

• 91% survival rate

• 8,873 jobs created

• 5, 238,146 customers served (60%BoP)


Democratizing Entrepreneurship Together

50% of the world’s venture investments are made in Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston – together, we believe great ideas from other places from around the world are overlooked by venture capital and truly deserve the funding and support required to solve global problems. As a Vilcap Communities together we are helping to support entrepreneurs that are transforming communities worldwide. To date, VilCap has launched:

• 39 programs worldwide

• 500 ventures from more than 40 countries  


Program Structure

Program Dates December 2016 – March 2017 (*Dates subject to change)

A three-month program featuring:

• 4 day education workshops led by highly successful entrepreneurs and the investor community held 3 times over the course of 15 weeks (12 sessions);

• 100+ mentor hours from industry experts;

• Intensive peer review and support, culminating in pre-committed investment of $50,000 ($25,000 each) selected by one’s peers;.

• Access to a global network of investors and strategic partners across 39 countries;

• Opportunity to present at a Demo Day event to potential investors and strategic partners.

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Entrepreneurs are going to solve the world's challenges, and we're excited to be able to continue supporting them in their growth Ross Baird CEO | Village Capital