Episode 20 - Startup Ecosystem Chat with Village Capital's Jared Marquette

In today’s show, you’ll learn about Vilcap’s investment model, what the VilCap communities look like and how they were selected, what government’s role should be in ecosystem conversations, how important universities are, and Jared’s take on the Hawaii startup ecosystem: how we compare to other cities, how we can improve, and what his experience has been like here.

Links and Resources

Show Notes

2:00 – Na`wili`wili

4:00 – Peer Investment Model

4:57 – Allocation of Investment dollars in America

6:45 – Village Capital Recent Successes

7:15 – Tarik Sultan Shares his Village Capital Experience

11:15 – VilCap Communities Selection Process

14:30 – Hawaii’s startup community

17:10 – Involvement of Government in startup ecosystems

22:00 – The role of Universities in startup ecosystems

25:10 – “porous boundaries”

30:17 – The allocation of subsidies

38:05 – Quality of Life in Hawaii

48:30 – Bootstrapping vs Raising