Episode 19 Lanai Tabura, Entertainer & Entrepreneur

In the interview, we cover a wide range of topics and Lanai tells LOTS of stories. We dig deep into the various entrepreneurial activities he’s enjoyed over the years and really chat through the highs and the lows.

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Show Notes

2:10 Lanai’s thoughts on taking vocal lessons and public speaking

3:27 Getting his start in Radio and why he loves “the theatre of the mind” and how DJs have to paint the picture for the viewer

3:30 Scholarship to Hawaii Pacific University for Volleyball

3:49 Lanai drops out of college “just wasn’t for me”

6:30 Built up the biggest radio show in Hawaii “7/10 young person was listening to me on the radio”

7:15 Lanai’s first radio spot.. how the hustle and seeing opportunities helped him not pay for a car for over a decade

11:30 Life as an entrepreneur

12:45 Hustling at the radio station, not paying for a car for 20-years

16:01 Larry Price’s advice to Lanai

16:52 Lanai filed for bankruptcy 6-years ago and how he enjoys the journey more now than he did making $150K/year at 21 years old

19:15 Lanai’s advice for his 25-year old self

22:20 Hearing “No”

24:50 Founding Island 98.5

29:30 Auditioning for Hawaii FIVE-0 multiple times

32:30 Pono Shim: the inspiring leader and the impact he had on Lanai

36:00 Meeting with owners of top Hawaii Brands leaders and helping raise millions for the people of Japan following the Tsunami

45:25 What is the meaning of “Aloha”

49:45 The story of Aloha Plate and his brother, Chef Adam Tabura

54:30 Winning The Great Food Truck Race Story Begins

1:04:00 Frozen Ohana of the Midwest

1:09:45 Hawaiian Sea Salt and Representative Hanabusa

1:22:45 Travel Tips from Lanai

1:26:45 Rudy, his driver from the Philippines. How simple generosity can change a person’s life